Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Critter Club

One afternoon, Mr. P decided it would be fun to take some of the neighborhood kids on the block into the wash in front of our house to go exploring for desert critters. The kids loved it. And now they come knocking on our door every time they are outside playing to see if he will lead them on another adventure.

And so begins the Thursday Afternoon Critter Club.
The kids gathered in the cul-de-sac after school with backpacks, jars and pokers in hand...

This time, they managed to find 2 newts,

Draw some pictures in the sand,

Round up a couple of centipedes

Explore some interesting looking trees and their contents,

Dig up a burrowed scorpion (hereafter referred to as Blaze),

And turn over as many big rocks as possible to see what lay beneath.

Personally, I prefer the more peaceful and non-threatening side of a nature hunt.

It was a great adventure for all, followed up by a pizza party and story-telling.
They are all anxious for the next adventure led by Mr. P.

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