Monday, April 12, 2010

The Suite Life

We met our friends, The Greene's, in Palm Springs (a halfway point for each of us) last weekend for a family get-together. We learned that only a few things are necessary to ensure the kids have a great time and the adults get time to catch up and have (mostly) uninterrupted conversations:

1. Beds. To jump on or have pillow fights on .

2. A Pool. To ensure that children will be completely exhausted and asleep by 8pm .

3. Adjoining rooms. On the chance that kids will stay in one room and adults can have uninterrupted conversations in the other. Note: Leave door open "just in case".

4. A Kitchen. Four children under the age of 6 in a RESTAURANT together?

5. Free Breakfast. At least if you have 4 kids with you, you won't have to pay for the half-eaten meals, pile back into a car, drive 3 miles, then back OUT of the car only to hear the words: "BUT I'M STILL HUNNNNNGRYYY...."

6. Friends that you love to travel with and that will still love you after you travel with them! :)

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