Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day Story. Or How to Avoid Unhappy Endings

So, Mr. P returned from the grocery store in the morning with a Valentine's Day surprise for Lauren. He was all excited to present her with his gift of adoration, beaming with pride at his thoughtfulness.

Except he forgot one thing.

A gift for the little man.

Now, I know that Valentine's Day is generally for girls, with all the frilly hearts and gooey sweets and vases of flowers dripping with love poems.

But the little man does not know that. He only knows that if sissy gets something, so should he.

So I sent daddy BACK to the store so that I would not have a young lad jaded forever from his first memorable experience of Valentine's Day.

And as they say, a photograph is worth a thousand words.
In this case, the words were: "You owe me, sweetheart. I just saved you -- US -- from having to experience a torrential meltdown".

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