Thursday, February 11, 2010


See that little person next to Thomas? No? He's...right...there. Right next to him.

His name is Hello.

Hello likes to eat chicken nuggets with ketchup, but he doesn't like them cut up. He sleeps in Thomas' room with him. In fact, I didn't realize it but he happened to be sleeping next to Thomas last night (silly me). He likes dragons and trains, just like Thomas.
One of Thomas' friends likes Hello, the other one doesn't.

This morning I was re-hanging a picture (because it kept getting bumped by the kitchen chair that kept BACKING INTO IT ON A DAILY BASIS) and Thomas thoughtfully informed me about something else I should know about Hello:

"Hey, Mom! Know what??"


"Hewwo has the same hammer that WE do!"

Let's just hope that "Hello" doesn't get any bright ideas about using his hammer in our house...

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