Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Last Unicorn

We hope.

Nana volunteers at a Thrift shop.
Nana saw this at the thrift shop and thought Lauren would like it since Lauren has had an affinity for Unicorns in the past. So she brought it with her on our last family get-together.

She pulled it out of the car. Kristin (my s-i-l) and I stood there with our mouths agape.
Wouldn't you?

Well, let's see what the kids think.
We took it inside and put it on the chair.
They avoided it like the plague.

Now the unicorn has become part of an ongoing "dispute" as to who should keep it.
I keep sending email pictures to Kristin of it, even though it currently resides at her house.

She'd finally had enough.
I received this in the mail yesterday:

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