Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Took Some Pictures with my "Web" Cam...

We celebrated Thomas' 4th Birthday last Sunday with a Spiderman Bounce House and some close friends and family.

I'm a little proud of the "city silhouette" I made from construction paper purchased at the Dollar Store. Woohoo!
Thomas and his cousin Katie were SO excited when they came out to the garage and looked at all of the buildings. They pointed out that the "castle" was their favorite one. That was my interpretation of the Chrysler Building.

Nana got him this Spiderman Costume which was definitely a hit.
As of today, he's on day 3 of wearing it. Thank God it's washable.

We also rented a Sno-Cone machine.
Here's sissy, playing her usual role as "comedic actress".

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