Monday, February 22, 2010

Sir Thomas the Knight

Since we returned from The Renaissance Festival, Thomas has taken to being a Knight. And as any good Knight would, he desired to have a helmut for himself to ride upon his noble steed (his bike with training wheels).

As I searched the website for a thrifty and child-friendly Knight's helmut, I happened upon these instructions to actually MAKE a helmut. Thrifty and child-friendly indeed!

I didn't have construction paper, so I yanked the paper from one of our new 25"x19" picture frames and used that as a rough draft, just to make sure I could actually follow the instructions.

Voila! I managed to complete the project in an hour's time!* And my handsome Knight in, um, PAPER armor, is very pleased. I have earned his heart this time. My work here is done.

*Visor not included. I'm not a perfectionist and neither is my 4-year-old.

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