Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project Runaway

My daughter and I love to watch Project Runway together. OK. I love to watch Project Runway and she should be in bed. But after the last episode, I wondered if it wasn't such a good idea when I overheard her playing with her Barbies:

"Bridgett. You lose. Your hair is too stringy and you don't walk right. Please leave."

"Arial. Your outfit is ugly and your hair color is horrible. You may leave now."

This continued until all of the Barbies had been humiliated and banished from the piano bench that served as their only hope for a shot at becoming something more.

She's since become one of the designers, creating her own line of theme clothing. Here you can see her, uh, "model", sporting the Bowling theme outfit. The poor kid isn't old enough to know better.

At least I didn't take photos of the Princess outfit (yes i did).

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