Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Full of Hot Air

I love mini vacations with the kids. Not too far away, not too long, not too expensive and not too much time before I've decided it's been too much.

So last weekend we went to the city of Glendale to attend the Glitter and Glow Block Party. We only had to drive a half-hour away, get on a lovely charter bus (free shuttle!) and arrive in historic downtown Glendale (free admission!).

There were carnival rides for the young ones, bands of every genre, jugglers and face painting, along with the usual assortment of cheap-and-highly-appealing-to-children tchotchkes (see third picture --highly agitating sound effects not included).

The highlight was the hot-air balloons that illuminated every block with their flames. The combination of twinkling Christmas lights and glowing balloons created a magical backdrop among the talented musicians and artists.

We topped off our mini vaca by staying at a local hotel for the night.
But this time the little darlings were just too tuckered out to jump on the beds upon arrival.

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