Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let the Resolution Begin!

Well, as many others before me, I have succumbed to the tradition of setting a New Year's Resolution. For 2010, it is to start my very own Blog. Which leads me here. I'm only about 5 years behind on this trend, so I don't know that I'm really "putting myself out there" with my Resolution. But hey, it's a start. For me, anyway.

This blog is partially intended for my parents (Hi Mom and Dad!). My dad is currently in the process of ordering cable instead of staying with dial-up. Let's keep in mind that we were the last people on the block to get color TV. That was in the 70's. They didn't get cable until I was in college. That was in the 80's. But I digress.

As a wife and mom of 2 little ones, I am starting a blog in hopes of learning. Learning by connecting with other moms, (yes, I need a creative outlet too). Learning to become more "computer literate" (I sure hope so...) and learning to expand my horizons (whatever those horizons may be -- I'm a bit fickle). So bear with me...

Welcome 2010! Here we go!

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